Sell Assets

The Branford Group is the leading authority for Asset Recovery Programs in the industrial auction industry.


We understand the global markets, we strategize auction methodology with each client, and we deliver targeted marketing campaigns to generate global bidding competition.

What does this mean to you?

We maximize returns for sellers. Plain and simple. Auctions are designed to sell assets quickly, and take any negotiating headaches out of the picture. Our team of managers catalog the assets, market the event, and facilitate payment. Having executed thousands of auctions for clients around the world, The Branford Group organizes a project based upon the type of equipment, the size of the potential buying audience, and timing or regulatory considerations. Our strategy is based upon your needs, and we’ll customize an event to ensure that your goals are met. Our expertise and intimate knowledge of your specific industry will lay the foundation for your comfort and risk tolerance for our auction and liquidation program proposals. We’ll analyze your specific project and advise you on the most advantageous format for your company.

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