“The magnitude of success of our auction would not have been possible without The Branford Group.  From our initial meetings a few  months ago, to the culmination of yesterday's webcast auction, the group's professionalism and your in depth knowledge of the value of surplus equipment was beyond expectations.  Through out the day, I was entirely astounded at the broad geographical range with which the webcast auction was able to reach.  We had buyers participate from Florida to Chicago to Texas, and many items were bought by them.  The amazing thing to me was that because of their participation, sale prices were much higher than anticipated.  In many cases, we actually received more than 25 to 30% of our original cost for some pieces of equipment even though they were several years old.

Over the past few weeks, your crew did an exceptional job organizing and categorizing the items to be auctioned and they were able to do this while we were still in the final stages of production.  They were able to group small items such as mold clamps, screws, and eye bolts and put packages together that were sold as miscellaneous lots which I thought would have no value, but they did.

You were able to make the unpleasant closing of our facility into one that was filled with excitement and feelings of accomplishment.” 

George Marinakis, Senior Engineer/Polymer,
Pitney Bowes

“Throughout this project, I was impressed with the services and professionalism of the staff, the attention to detail, flexibility and of course, the fantastic results of the sale.  From the lab equipment to the metalworking equipment available for sale, your group was able to obtain high values for every piece offered.  We couldn’t imagine having more than 400 people onsite and over 150 on the internet, the room was overflowing…We would definitely choose to work with you in the future and recommend the Branford Group to any considering an auction or valuation.”

Jack Bell, Production Manager,
Fisher Scientific

“Since I have previous experience with other auction service companies, I can truly say that The Branford Group far exceeds its competition and is the leader in the industry.  In any letter of commendation, it is important to point out some of specific issues that made our experience with your firm a pleasurable one.  Here are just a few of the challenges we faced together as we re-aligned C-COR facilities”:

  •  “C-COR’s facilities were still in use and we required that you perform your work without impacting other projects underway at the facility.  Your staff worked vigorously to meet this important requirement.”
  •  “C-COR had assets at multiple facilities in the U.S and Mexico and the project require that you integrate assets from each into a single sale.  Again, this feat accomplished positive results.”
  •  “We had a very limited wind-down staff so the Branford Group provided the work force and logistics coordination to ensure the project was completed on time and under budget.”
  •  “Our timeline to exit portions of the CT facility was aggressive and your team’s assistance in meeting these deadlines saved us time and money.”
  • “The Branford Group’s global webcast technology allowed us to market our assets around the globe and recapture their true market value.  It is clear you offer an industry-superior service.”
  •  “Your auction staff are world-class professionals and always had C-COR’s best interests in focus as they conducted the sale.”  
Francis J. Sokolowski, Quality Systems Analyst,

“Your preparation before the auction was outstanding and the manner in which the auction was conducted using the internet, we feel, was a major factor in bringing us the greatest return on our assets.  As we had never held an auction of this size and scope prior to this date, it was nice to know that all the details were taken care of by your staff.  Furthermore, the oversight of the removal process following the auction was very orderly and without incident.” 

Thomas F. Songer III, Project Engineer,
Torron Group

“I wanted to take [the] time to drop you a line to let you know how satisfied we were with [the] auction results of the liquidation of our Mississippi facility.  The net results were better than we expected and I thought your staff handled the multiple last minutes changes very admirably…we would certainly not hesitate to recommend your firm to others in need of your expertise.  Thank you for a job well done.” 

Jim Sake, Manufacturing Support Services Manager,
Dickten Masch Plastics

“The Branford Group provided us with the ability through your webcast technology to draw buyers from around the world.  What was amazing to me was that you were able to sell over 80% of all the equipment over the internet to buyers that did not attend the sale…The Branford Group was the logical choice with your knowledge of printing equipment and a strong database of printing and bindery end users…from the beginning, your team delivered on what you promised and we would definitely choose to work with you in the future and recommend your company.”  

 James A. Adams, President,
Westlawn Graphic

“Without question, I would recommend the auction services of The Branford Group.  Their knowledge of the Circuit Board industry, combined with the marketing and preparation of the assets prior to the day of sale, resulted in a return that greatly exceeded our expectations…I firmly believe that the thought, planning and preparation done by The Branford Group brought us greater returns than we would have experienced with another auction company.” 

Les Nielsen, Chain Supply Manager,
TTM Technologies

“Thank-you for another successful auction.  This is the third successful auction you have completed for us…Your approach, attention to detail, professional staff, live-auction performance, as well as webcast, always get the job done.  It is always a pleasure to work with your company.  Thank-you and best regards to the entire Branford Group.” 

Jeffrey L. Niemiec, Vice President,

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