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Multilayer PCB Manufacturer State of the Art Circuit Board Equipment as late as 2003. Over 300,000 Sq Ft

Microser Electronics, S. L.
(Formerly Tyco PCB Group)
Sale#: [MICR1007]

Multilayer PCB Manufacturer
State of the Art Circuit Board Equipment as late as 2003.  Over 300,000 Sq Ft.
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Sale Type
Webcast & On-Location Auction

Date & Time
1-Day, Wed October 17, 2007 at 10:30am (CMT)
Sale Location
Boecillo (Valladolid), Spain

Equipment Location(s)
Boecillo (Valladolid), Spain

Buyer's Premium
15% for On-site Buyers and 15% for Webcast Buyers

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Featured Items

CNC Laser Blind Via Drilling
  • (5) 2000 Hitachi Model LC-1C21C/1C CO2 Blind Via Laser Drilling Machines
  • Schmoll Comp 20 BAS-M Video Non-Contact Measuring System
Blind Via Scrubbing
  • 1999 Ishii Hyoki Model IDE 2000 8-Brush Ceramic-Brush Scrubbing System
CNC Drilling - (29) Drills
  • (3) 1999 & 2000 Schmoll XL5 24-Linear High Speed CNC Drilling Machines
  • (6) 1998 Schmoll Auto-System 6L-5 CNC Drilling Machines
  • (8) 2000 Schmoll XL-6 21-Linear High Speed CNC Drilling Machines
  • (3) 2001 Posalux Ultra-Speed 6000 High Speed CNC Drilling Machines
  • (4) Schmoll A-System 6L-5 CNC Drilling Machines
  • (2) Schmoll System 5/4 R CNC Routing Machines
  • 2000 Schmoll A-Sys. 1/1-610 Linear Single Spindle CNC Driller Router
  • 1997 Schmoll System 1 Twin-Spindle CNC Driller-Router
  • Schmoll Compact 10.2/IP CNC Driller-Router
  • Glenbrook RTX-113 X-Ray
  • (2) North Star Pinning Machines
  • SF Automazione X-LECK-200 X-Ray
Fabrication-Routing and Scoring
  • Depeltronik DSI-D-1666 24" Nickel-Gold Degreasing Line
  • 2000 IS Comprex SBW 24" Small Parts Washer
  • (3) 2000 Schmoll XL-5 24 R Linear CNC Routing Machines, 5-Spindle
  • 1998 Schmoll Auto System 6LR CNC Routing Machine, 5-Spindle
  • Schmoll Auto System 4/5R CNC Routing Machine
  • Schmoll Compact 26.1/5EK CNC Router
  • (2) Posalux Multifor 14 CNC Routers, 3-Spindles
  • Techtron SF-1000M Beveller
  • Accu-Score Labs AS-227-JM CNC Scoring Machine
  • Lohr Hermann LH302D CNC Scoring Machine
  • (2) Shoda Techtron UT-210 V-Score Checkers
  • 1996 ESNA RFS/PN 80 OBG Frame Stamping-Punch Press
  • 2000 Luther Maelzar Megamat LM 100/22A Tester
  • (4) 1996 to 1999 Luther Maelzar Picomat LM100/11A Testers
  • 2000 ATG A3 Flying Probe Tester, 8-Probes
  • Mania Speedy MPP4504 Flying Probe Tester
  • (3) Rossel SC-20 Circuit Repair Welders
  • Polar CITS500S Controlled Impedance Test System
  • Fischercope X-Ray Model XDLM-C4 XYMZ X-Ray Thickness Gauge
  • Perfect Test Model P3
Inner Layer
  • (3) 2000 Depoltronik S.A. 24" Pre-Clean Lines
  • (6) Rayon CR-065WN-S In-Line Tacky Roller
  • (3) Probimer Systronic LPI Curtain Coating Lines
  • (5) ORC HMW680GW 7KW Exposure Unit Printers
  • 2000 Bacher Model 8890/Hi ILS 700 Auto Exposure Printer
Inner Layer Develop-Etch Strip Lines
  • (2) 1998 & 2000 Schmid 24" Combi-Line DES Lines
  • 2000 Depoltronik S.A. 24" GR-A-1116 DES Line
Automated Optical Inspection
  • (8) 2000 & 2001 Camtek Model Orion 604 AOI's
  • (2) Camtek Model 2V50 AOI's
  • (3) Orbotech V309X-AP AOI's
  • Orbotech PC-1490 AOI
  • Punzonadora Model Targomat III Post Etch Punch
Multibond-Alternative Oxide
  • Depeltronik S.A. 24" INM-F-2566, Alpha Prep Line
  • Depeltronik S.A. 24" INM-6-1666, Alpha Prep Line
  • Rayon RY-SOSAE In-Line Tacky Roller
  • Teknek LLM750F2S220/SO In-Line Tacky Roller
In-Line Automated X-Ray and Edge Trimming
Line # 1:
  • 2000 Kuttler RL 102 C/A Loader
  • 2000 Seiko Precision PX-80 and MMX-880 X-Ray
  • 2000 Shoda Techtron MCF-700HA High Speed Multilayer Shear/Beveller
  • 2000 Shoda Techtron NM-700HA Auto Stamping Machine
  • 2000 Shoda Techtron ACM-700 Auto Corner Bevel Machine
  • 2000 Kuttler RU 102A Unloader
In-Line Automated X-Ray and Edge Trimming
Line #2:
  • 1999 Seiko Precision PX-80 and MMX-880 X-Ray,
  • 1999 Shoda Techtron MCF-700HA High Speed Multilayer Shear/Beveller
  • 1999 Shoda Techtron NM-700 Auto Stamping Machine
  • 1999 Shoda Techtron ACM-700 Auto Corner Bevel Machine
  • 1999 Toyo Netsu QCB-3-EX Qui-Clean-Blow
  • 1999 Waxco Panel Flipper
Mass Lamination
  • Burkle Model LAMV200 8-Opening Hot Oil Mass Lamination Multilayer Vacuum Press
  • Lauffer Model TRMV-125 Mass Lamination Multilayer Vacuum Press, 4-Opening
  • (5) Piergiacomi Model AMMIO Multilayer Bonding Welders
  • Fela Core Punch 2012-1
  • (2) Teknek Model 6MB600RDF Tacky Rollers
  • Multiline Model ATP X-Ray
  • Schimd Model 11-89 2-Brush Deburrer
  • Hobersal Model 10 PR/300 Series 8B Bench Model Furnace
  • Burkle LA 1.8 Lab Press, s/n A3322, ID #92
Scrubbing & Panel Trimming
  • 2000 IS Scrubbex 2000 Deburrer
  • Shoda Techtron ACM-650 Auto Corner Beveling Machine
  • IS 2-Brush Scrubber
  • Lohr Hermann Edge Trimming System, Model NKF
Direct Metallization Plating
  • Atotech P-CP-CU12 Uniplate Horizontal Copper Thru-Hole Direct Metallization Line
  • Ingalui Electrolytic Hard & Soft Nickel-Gold Line
Outer Layer Pre-Clean
  • (3) 2000 IS Scrubbex 2000 24" Debburrers
Outer Layer Print-Dry Film
  • (2) 2000 Hakuto 610V Auto Dry-Film Cut Sheet Laminators
  • 1997 Hakuto 720i Auto Dry-Film Cut Sheet Laminator
  • (6) 2000 Rayon RY-505AE In-Line Tacky Roller
  • (3) 1998 & 2000 Hakuto HAP 5010C Automatic Exposure Unit Printers
  • (3) 2000 Morton 2600-CSR2600 Cover Sheet Removers (2000), ID #'s 197, 201, 204
  • (3) 1997,1998,2000 ORC HMW201B-5KW Exposure Unit Printers
  • (2) 2000 Hakuto PH-56K-02 Pre-Heaters
  • Maintech Triple Hot Roll Pre-Heater
Outer Layer Developing
  • 2000 Depeltronik S.A RUM-L-1582 24" Primary Image Developer
  • 1997 Schmid Model 45 Combi Line Primary Image Developer
Outer Layer Develop-Etch-Strip & Strip-Etch-Strip
  • 2000 Schmid Combi Line 24" DES Line
  • 2000 Schmid Combi Line 24" SES Line
  • 1998 Schmid Combi Line 24" SES Line
  • 2000 IS Pumiflex 24" Pumice-Aluminum Oxide Scrubber
  • 1997 IS 30" Pumiflex SHD/A30 Pumice-Aluminum Oxide Scrubber
Quality Control
  • 2001 Advanced Controls Tru-Measure Model 3200 Non-Contact CMM
  • 1997 Orbotech PC-1490 AOI
  • Dyna-Plus Automated Galvanic Copper Tin Electroplating Line
Screening & Print
  • (2) 1998 Cugher Vertiflex Automatic Screen Printers
  • Mecatron Macc Serig AUT Automatic Screen Printer
  • Argon Semi-Automatic Hydra 3 Screen Printer
  • 2000 CMP Accudry 180 Tunnel Conveyorized Curing Oven
  • (2) 2000 Circuit Automation DP-1500 Screen Printers
  • Circuit Automation TC-120 Conveyorized Tunnel Oven
  • (5) Rayon RY501E In-Line Tacky Roller
  • (4) Ono Sokki TN-890B Exposure Unit Printers
  • (4) 1994 to 1998 ORC HMW680GW Exposure Unit Printers, 7kw
LPI Developing
  • (3) 1998 & 2000 IS PSSM 24" LPI Developers
  • 1997 Circuit Automation TC-120 Tunnel Oven
  • 2000 CMP Acrobat 235 Conveyorized Curing Tunnel Oven
Artwork Generation
  • Orbot PC-1245 AOI
  • Multiline Semi-Automatic Artwork Punch
  • (2) Theimer Spektra Proof Vacuum Exposure Systems
  • Non-Contact Video Measurement System
  • Multiline Series 3000 PE Post Etch Punch
  • 3M Phototool Protective System
  • Kodak Kodamatic 9800 Film Processor
  • (2) Film Processors
  • CRP Combi 604 DR, Film Diazo Developer
  • (2) 2000 & 2003 Barco Silver Writer Laser Photo Plotters
  • 1999 Seria SSA-PC6051P-P Auto Screen Printer
  • (2) Argon Hydra 3 Semi-Automatic Screen Printers Surface Finishing
  • Depeltronik PIM-E-1440 24" Entek OSP Finish Line
  • Atotech Horizon Surface Finish 24" Clean Line
Hot Air Solder Leveling & Silver
  • 2002 Atotech Horizon 24" Silver Finish ST TN-S Line
  • Penta 580 Vertical Hot Air Tin (Lead Free Pot) Leveler (HASL)
  • Depeltronik ME-F-1980 24" HASL Pre-Clean Line
  • Cemco WY008-6E-90L Quicksilver S.M. Vertical Hot Air Solder Leveler
  • Depeltronik LV-C-1140 24" HASL Post Clean
  • Automated Immersion Tin Line, ID #287
  • Atotech Electroless Immersion Nickel/Gold Line (ENIG), s/n OT-1174, ID #288
Chemical and Cross Section Lab
  • Heraeus HC 7020 Environmental Chamber
  • Heraeus VLK04/150 Temperature Chamber
  • Perkin Elmer AAnalyst 100 AA Spectrometer
  • Thermoelectron Heylios Y
  • Alpha Metals Model 600 Omega Meter
  • Olympus BX60 Video Microscope
  • Haraeus Lab Oven
  • (2) Struers Rotopol-30 Polishers
  • ATF Wave Solder
  • Struers Labo Press-3
Maintenance & Toolroom
  • Robland 2320 Rip-Saw
  • Pinocho s90/250-10S Lathe
  • Cumbre Toolroom Lathe
  • Eymasa Drill Press
Shipping and Packing
  • (2) Raelma Shrink Wrap Line, L-Bar Heat Sealer, Tunnel Oven
  • (6) ERBO STA2000/45 Vacuum Systems
  • ERBO HWD800/45 Vacuum Systems
  • 2000 Electra Mollins S.A. 560kw Diesel Generator Model BMN-700/AUT-MPIO
  • (2) Babcock Wanson 2500 SC Hot Oil Generators/Heaters
  • (2) Ingersoll Rand SSR M132 Air Coompressors
  • (3) Ingersoll Rand SSR M150 Air Compressors
  • (2) Ultratroc Air Dryers
Material Preparation
  • Rotary Cutter M-1500-200/281
  • Geholz 1580 x 4 Power Squaring Shear
  • SMID CNC Panel Saw, 890
  • Rosenthal WA-S-4-HUBUBSEVAA Sheeter
  • Rosenthal WA-S-5-HUBUBSHEAACWVN Sheeter
Automated Panel Handling
  • Over (30) Kuttler Loaders & Unloaders as late as 2003
  • Scmid Automation
  • Jrafo Loaders & Unloaders

Sale Details

Wednesday October 17, 2007 at 10:30am (CMT)
Parque Tecnologico de Boecillo, 121, 4715, Boecillo (Valladolid), Spain 47004
Absentee (Proxy) Bids & Accounting Contact:
Antonio Gutiérrez Massegur
TROOSTWIJK S.L. Muntaner, 374-376 - 6º 08006 Barcelona (Spain) Tel.+34 93 240 61 17 -18 Fax. +34 93 240 61 19  Mobile. +34 676 95 33 08 email:

Equipment & Preview Contact: Call 1-203-488-7020

Airport: Madrid (about 2hrs away)

Hotel:Melia Recoletes Boutique Hotel ****
C/ Acera de Recoletos, 13 Vallodolid Spain 47004
(34) 98 3216200

Presented in conjunction with:

Equipment Location and Removal Details

Boecillo, Spain
Lot #s: 1 - 1015
Address: Parque Tecnologico de Boecillo, 121, 4715, Boecillo (Valladolid), Spain 47004
Sales Tax/ VAT: 16%
Inspection/ Preview: Monday & Tuesday, October 15 & 16, 9:00am to 4:00pm (Local Time). Contact: Antonio Gutiérrez Massegur Mobile+34 676 95 33 08 Email:
Removal: TBD
  *Shipping Only: MTI Worldwide Logistics. 6308 Benjamin Road, Tampa FL 33634. Phone: 813-880-8878 Fax: 813-880-8869 Cell: 813-943-6195 Email: Web Site:
  *Rigging/Shipping: Mayntra UNO Equipos y Servicios Industriales:
Roman Sancho Lopez & Antonio Cordoba Nadales Camino del Tesoro, 8-Nave Villanueva de la Torre 19209 - Guadalajara Spain

Morgan Machinery Movers / Export Electronics Pkg. Group:
Portland, Oregon  USA.
Please contact Jay.
Phone: 1-503-647-7474
Cell: 1-503-710-1152
Please contact Steve Powell.
Cell: 1-503-710-1154

*The Branford Group does not pack, ship, store, crate or rig items. Buyers may either pick up their items at the designated auction site personally or can arrange for a third party logistics firm to manage the removal process for them. If someone other than the registered buyer at the sale is designated to pick up those purchased assets, the buyer must: 1) Contract with an independent logistics firm or other representative who will dismantle, crate, pack, or ship your purchased items. 2) Coordinate the removal of those purchased items to meet the time deadlines indicated on this page. 3) Submit an "Agent Release Authorization" form which will allow The Branford Group to release items to a third party contractor for shipping, crating or packing purposes. *The Branford Group finds and displays one or more local logistics service providers who understand our removal process, offer specific services, and have certain skills and capacities. We offer this service to you without representations or warranties of any kind whatsoever.


Sale-Specific Terms Summary

Payment Deadline: Within one business day after invoice date.
Currency: Euros.
Language: English.
Registration Requirements: Open to the public. Free to bid onsite or via proxy form. All bidders must provide their name, company (if applicable), mailing address and phone number prior to the auction. When applicable, Electronic bidders are required to provide a valid email address and Visa, American Express or Mastercard number. At its discretion, TBG may charge a registration fee for Electronic bidding. This fee will be clearly displayed during the registration process.
Deposit: TBG requires a deposit of not less than twenty five percent (25%) of the Buyer's TOTAL PURCHASE PRICE by the end of sale day - with the balance due by the end of the next business day. This can be in the form of cash, a cashiers check, or business check with a bank letter of guarantee. For Electronic bidders, at its discretion, TBG may contact bidders via email or telephone before or during the sale to provide a bank letter of guarantee or wire transfer as a deposit. If TBG does not receive a response from its attempts to contact Buyer or if the Buyer does not provide a deposit, TBG reserves the right to refuse or cancel Buyer's bids and re-sell Goods.
Buyer's Premium: 15% for On-site Buyers and 15% for Webcast Buyers 
Sales Tax: See each location for specific percentage. All applicable state sales taxes apply. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to provide documentation necessary for exemption or refund of sales tax paid.
Invoices & Payment Instructions: Winning bidders can request a printed paper invoice from the Accounting Manager at the sale location during or after the sale. Electronic bidders will be sent an electronic invoice (usually by the morning after the completion of the sale) to the email address provided during registration. Invoices can be faxed upon request. Detailed payment instructions for each sale are available in the printed lot catalog at the sale location on the day of the sale. Electronic bidders will be sent detailed payment instructions via email along with their invoice.
Payment Conditions: All payments must be in Cash (at the sale location, when available), Cashier's or Certified Check, Federal Wire Transfer of immediately available funds or a Corporate Check accompanied with a bank letter of guarantee. CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED AS PAYMENT TOWARDS INVOICES. Credit cards are accepted only for Electronic bidding registration and for Liquidated Damages in the event of a default. Without limiting TBG's discretion, no corporate checks without a bank guarantee and no personal checks will be accepted. No title shall pass to Buyer until the total purchase price and all Taxes have been paid to TBG in collected funds.
Removal, Shipping & Logistics: The buyer (or a third party Authorized Agent contracted by the buyer) is responsible for removal of equipment by the posted Removal Date.

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