Asset Recovery Programs

The Branford Group’s Asset Recovery Programs are customized exclusively for your specific needs, from start to finish, including project assessment, cataloging, pricing, marketing, inspection, auction, removal, and clean-up. We utilize several auction methodologies and technologies in order to meet the needs of sellers and maximize convenience for buyers:

  • Live On-Site Auctions
    An On-Site Auction is conducted by one of our licensed auctioneers at (or near) the site of the equipment to be sold. These auctions are open to the public and typically allow interested buyers to preview and inspect the equipment before the auction begins. Bidders may place absentee (proxy) bids prior to the sale day by faxing our Proxy Bid form, or may bid in person on the day of the sale by registering at the sale location.

    During the auction, the auctioneers will sell each lot sequentially to the highest bidder. (NOTE: pricing, increments, and grouping of lots are determined in real time, and at the discretion of the auctioneer.)

  • Webcast Auctions
    In order to accommodate multiple remote locations far beyond the factory floor, The Branford Group offers state-of-the-art Webcast Auctions with internet 'click to bid' bidding, along with a web-based slideshow of the equipment for sale and live video feed.

    Typically paired with a live On-Site Auction, a Webcast Auction is a theater-style sale held either on-location or near the equipment site. These auctions allow remote bidders who cannot travel to the on-site location, to participate and compete in real-time with on-site bidders. Webcast bidders may use their computers to join a web-based slideshow where we provide photographs, live on-site auctioneer feed, and descriptions of the items being sold in real time. Bidders who've joined the webcast auction can bid by pressing keys on their computer keyboard or mouse. The auctioneer simultaneously accepts bids from on-site bidders as well as the bidders over the web.

    Our cutting-edge technology ensures a competitive and equitable auction arena.

  • Online Auctions
    Nothing beats the convenience, flexibility, and affordability of our Online Auctions. Online Auctions are managed entirely by computer, and do not require the services of a human auctioneer.

    To accommodate global bidding, auctions are “open” for bidding for at least 24 hours. Lots close sequentially (usually minutes apart), and will auto-extend if last-minute bidding occurs. The Branford Group uses technology to keep all bidders informed for the duration of the auction, including providing an auto-bid feature which allows bidders the option to enter their maximum price and our system will automatically bid for them, bidding only what is needed to win the item. If a bidder is outbid on a lot, our system provides automatic notifications via email to that bidder. The auto-bid or max bid feature is an excellent way for bidders to not have to continuously monitor the sale.

  • Sealed Bid Auctions
    In a Sealed Bid Auction, bidders submit one written bid via postal or currier delivery. All names and bids are kept confidential. Once the auction has closed, all bids are opened, and the winning bidders are notified by telephone.

  • Private Treaty Sales (Going Concern, Turn-Key, etc..)
     A negotiated Private Treaty Sale is managed by a Branford Group executive who acts as the agent between the buyer and the seller, allowing both parties to mutually agree upon a price. We make all arrangements for a preview and inspection, as well as the post-sale dismantling and removal of equipment. This format is often used for smaller groups of potential buyers who are looking for unique, high-value items, entire lines, or a complete business.

In all of the auction methodologies and formats The Branford Group utilizes, bidders may preview and inspect lots in person the day before the auction, or, have the benefit of utilizing a “virtual preview” which posts photographs and descriptions in advance of the auction. After payment processes have been completed, buyers are then responsible for the removal and shipping of their purchases, either by themselves, an authorized agent, or depending upon the auction event, with a packing, rigging, or shipping company.

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