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TRC Circuits20 Lantronic TT30 Vertical Hot Air Solder Leveler, Tin-Lead Pot, Allen Bradley PLC Controller11/30/2022 10:10:00 AM
TRC Circuits21 IPS Pneumatic HASL Board Fluxer, s/n AG0100811/30/2022 10:10:00 AM
TRC Circuits22 Grieve SB-550 Two Door Electric Bake Oven, s/n 630236, 400 Degree F Max Temp11/30/2022 10:11:00 AM
TRC Circuits23 Grieve SA-350 Two Door Electric Bake Oven, s/n 610561, 300 Degree F Max Temp11/30/2022 10:11:00 AM
TRC Circuits24 Despatch V35STD Two Door Electric Bake Oven, s/n 79575, 500 Degree F max Temp11/30/2022 10:12:00 AM
TRC Circuits25 Encore Engineering Diamond-Maxi MX-138 Squeegee Sharpener, s/n 0606 4 3211/30/2022 10:12:00 AM
TRC Circuits26 Aluminum Screen Frame Chases & Rack11/30/2022 10:14:00 AM
TRC Circuits26A Exposure & Screening Curtain System complete with Track System & Clips11/30/2022 10:13:00 AM
TRC Circuits26B Akulite & Olec Olite Exposure System with Vacuum Frame11/30/2022 10:13:00 AM
TRC Circuits26C Manual Screening Table11/30/2022 10:14:00 AM
TRC Circuits27 Colight DMVL-1600 Double-Sided 5kw Exposure Unit Printer, s/n 7415-248, w/ Goodman Condensing Unit, Dual Drawer w/ Mylar Frames11/30/2022 10:15:00 AM
TRC Circuits28 James River Graphics 24 Pre-Heater w/ UltraHD Butcher Block Top Mobile Work Bench11/30/2022 10:15:00 AM
TRC Circuits29 NuArc FT 3341 Ultra Flip Top Platemaker Exposure System, s/n KT D04-00111/30/2022 10:16:00 AM
TRC Circuits30 DuPont Riston HRL-24 Dry Film Hot Roll Photo Resist Laminator, s/n 2844, Digital Controls11/30/2022 10:16:00 AM
TRC Circuits31 Western Magnum XRL-240 Dry Film Hot Roll Photo Resist Laminator, s/n 401, Digital Controls, w/Spare Rollers11/30/2022 10:17:00 AM
TRC Circuits32 James River Graphics Tecnilith 6000 Dry Film (Diazo) Developer11/30/2022 10:17:00 AM
TRC Circuits33 Dynachem 450 Dry Film (Diazo) Developer11/30/2022 10:18:00 AM
TRC Circuits34 James River Graphics Tecnilith 6000 Dry Film (Diazo) Developer (PARTS Machine), w/ Cole Parmer MasterFlex Pump & Parts11/30/2022 10:18:00 AM
TRC Circuits34A C.A. Picard XSF-2700A Optical Single Hole Artwork Registration Punch11/30/2022 10:19:00 AM
TRC Circuits35 X-Rite 369T Film Densitomer11/30/2022 10:19:00 AM

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