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TRC Circuits91 Plating Temperature Control Cabinet 11/30/2022 10:50:00 AM
TRC Circuits92 Ring Compressors & Plating Heaters11/30/2022 10:50:00 AM
TRC Circuits93 (18) + Assorted Pumps & Drive Motors for Plating w/ Rack11/30/2022 10:51:00 AM
TRC Circuits94 Assorted Misc. parts w/ rack11/30/2022 10:51:00 AM
TRC Circuits95 (3) Sets of New Hot Roll Rollers for DuPont HRL24 Dry Film Laminators11/30/2022 10:52:00 AM
TRC Circuits96 Parts: Uline Vacuum Sealer, Sump Pump, Chemcut Conveyor Rollers, Vacuum Pump, PVC Piping, Filters w/ Rack11/30/2022 10:52:00 AM
TRC Circuits97 Parts: Hydraulic Punch & Floor Jack, Plating Heater Sleeves, Valves, Caulk Guns, Miter Box, w/ Rack11/30/2022 10:53:00 AM
TRC Circuits98 Parts: (9) Compartments w/ North Star Power Washer, Wire, Tools, Filters11/30/2022 10:53:00 AM
TRC Circuits99 (2) Sets of Hot Roll Rollers for Western Magnum Dry Film Laminators11/30/2022 10:54:00 AM
TRC Circuits100 Yard Tools: Electric/battery weed Wacker, Hedge Trimer, Blower11/30/2022 10:54:00 AM
TRC Circuits101 Southworth Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table11/30/2022 10:55:00 AM
TRC Circuits102 Rapid 300 Amp Rectifier11/30/2022 10:55:00 AM
TRC Circuits103 (4) SS Plating Tanks11/30/2022 10:56:00 AM
TRC Circuits104 Copper Sulfate Electro Plating Tank w/ Cu Buss Bar & Exhaust Plenum: 37 x 134 x 32d inch Dimensions11/30/2022 10:56:00 AM
TRC Circuits105 Copper Sulfate Electro Plating Tank w/ Cu Buss Bar & Exhaust Plenum: 37 x 102 x 24 1/8 inch Dimensions11/30/2022 10:57:00 AM
TRC Circuits106 Copper Sulfate Electro Plating Tank w/ Cu Buss Bar & Exhaust Plenum: 36 x 102.5 x 30.5d inch Dimensions11/30/2022 10:57:00 AM
TRC Circuits107 Tin Electro Plating Tank w/ Cu Buss Bar & Exhaust Plenum 11/30/2022 10:58:00 AM
TRC Circuits108 (2) Poly Pro Multi-Vat Plating Tanks w/ Agitation Frames11/30/2022 10:58:00 AM
TRC Circuits109 Anode Plating baskets w/ Dual Vat Ploy Pro Plating Tank11/30/2022 10:59:00 AM
TRC Circuits110 Circuit Chemistry VIP-AD424-1 Vertical Developer11/30/2022 10:59:00 AM

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